A Beginner’s Guide to Selling on Walmart Marketplace {2022}

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As the cost of living continues to rise, more and more people are looking for secondary and tertiary sources of income. Among the plethora of “side hustles” used sits selling products through a web platform like Walmart Marketplace. But how exactly does one do this? Are there startup costs involved? Is it actually worth it to give it a shot?


The steps to selling on Walmart Marketplace are actually pretty straightforward. And to add on to that, there aren’t any startup costs or monthly fees you need to worry about either. Although it’s relatively easy to get started, there are certain rules and guidelines you need to follow in order to correctly use the platform.


In this article, we’ll cover exactly how a person can sell through Walmart Marketplace. We’ll also explore the costs while also answering some frequently asked questions about the process.

What is Walmart Marketplace?

Similar to Amazon’s third-party seller platform, Walmart also offers a service where outside sellers can list products through the website. In turn, those sellers earn a set commission that varies depending on the product sold. Third-party items show up right alongside Walmart products when customers search for specific items on the website.

How to Sell Products Through Walmart Marketplace

Selling items on Walmart Marketplace is actually pretty easy. To do so, there are six simple steps to follow: apply, register, create a partner profile, complete item setup, test your items and orders, and launch your Walmart affiliate account. Let’s go into more detail about how to complete each of these important steps.

Applying to Become a Walmart Seller

This step usually takes around ten minutes and can be completed by visiting the Walmart Marketplace website. Once you’re on the website homepage, click the prompt that says “request to sell.” You’ll then be redirected to an application page where you’ll fill out all of your personal information and any other information necessary to become a seller.


After you finish each step of the application, make sure you save your progress with the “save” button before moving on to the next page. Take care to proofread and edit any mistakes before moving on to each next step. Once you’ve finished, click “apply now” and you’ll receive an email from the company once you’ve been approved.

Completing User Registration

Once you’ve been approved, you should see a unique link in your approval email. This link will take you to the page for creating your account. There are four main sections to this step:


  • Account Creation: This is where you’ll set up your username/password and provide any additional information not filled in on the application.
  • Partner Registration: This part is where you create your partner profile and fill in necessary business information.
  • Taxes: You’ll need to upload your latest W-9 Form or find a blank one if you’re just starting out.
  • Shipping Information: This part requires you to configure your shipping rates and decide on the days and times you’ll be processing orders.

Creating a Partner Profile

Once you’ve created your partner profile, you’ll be given access to the Marketplace Seller Center. When you visit this page for the first time, you’ll see a checklist for onboarding and launching. This checklist will lay out everything you need to do before you can officially launch your platform.


To finish your partner profile, you’ll need to fill in information like your company name, description, and logo. This is also where you’ll enter any pertinent tax information and company policies, among other things. In short, your partner profile tells customers exactly who you are.

Completing Item Setup

Item setup is probably the most time-consuming, and important, step in this process. During this time, you’ll input information for all of the items you’re selling. This information includes pictures of the item, product descriptions, prices, and other information to help you sell each item. 


Once you fill out all of the information for each product, you’ll need to click “validate fields.” This command will scan all of the information you’ve put in and highlight anything that has an error. If there aren’t any errors, you can upload the file to your seller center.


After you’re done, all of the items in your seller center will be moved into “active.”

Testing Items and Orders

After inputting all of your products, you’ll want to preview them before officially putting them on the website. As long as everything looks right, you can click “publish time.” For testing orders, change the inventory to “one” for the product you’re testing and then click “purchase item” if everything looks correct.

Launching Your Account

Now that you’ve created your account and profile, and tested your items and orders, it’s time to launch your account. When everything on your launch checklist is marked as complete, a popup will appear asking if you’re ready to launch your affiliate site.

As soon as you click on “confirm,” a launch request will be sent to Walmart. Your profile will be reviewed and as long as everything looks correct, you’ll be live within 24 hours.

Costs of Selling on Walmart Marketplace

There aren’t any startup fees or monthly requirements to sell on Walmart Marketplace. Instead, a referral fee is deducted from the items you sell through the marketplace. The referral fee that is deducted from your completed order varies depending on the type of item sold. Here’s a helpful chart that shows the referral rates and which items fall under those percentages:

Selling on Walmart


How Difficult is it to Sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Setting up an account for Walmart Marketplace isn’t difficult, however, maintaining your affiliate profile and achieving success takes work. To increase your chances of success in marketplace selling, use these tips and tricks:


  • Keyword Research: Using buzzwords in your product names and descriptions will place your product higher on the search list than others that don’t. For example, if you sell hiking equipment, you should use “hiking boots” or “hiking backpack” in your item name and description as that’s what customers will search for.
  • Product Research: Utilize Walmart Marketplace’s Growth Opportunities tab. This will show you items that are best-sellers and in high demand on the website. You can also use various online tools to measure how in-demand certain products are.
  • Listing Best-Sellers: Make sure you list all of your best-sellers first because that will make customers more likely to spend more time browsing your marketplace storefront.
  • Optimizing Product Information: Keep product information short and sweet to maintain the interest of the customer. Use keywords and just enough information about the product to keep their attention, but don’t get long-winded with your descriptions.
  • Correctly “Shelving” Product: You’ll need to categorize your products in the correct “shelf” to ensure they show up when the target customer searches for them.
  • Competitive Pricing: Pay attention to competitor pricing. Don’t go too low or too high from the general competition. 
  • Utilize Walmart Fulfillment Services: This makes the ordering process much more streamlined and less stressful.
  • Using Sponsored Products: By sponsoring a product, you make it more likely for more people to see the item and want to purchase it.

Walmart Selling FAQs

How do you earn money selling through Walmart?

Walmart partners earn money each time their products are sold through the Walmart website. Although Walmart takes a percentage of the total amount earned from a product, the money left over after the fee is deducted goes right to the seller. For specific fee percentages, see the earlier section about the costs of selling through Walmart.

You’ll find that most items will have a 15% fee tacked on to them while others have a lower percentage (excluding jewelry).

How are orders fulfilled through this method?

Those who are approved to be Walmart Partners can take advantage of Walmart Fulfillment Services. If you aren’t able to ship quickly on your own, Walmart Marketplace highly encourages partners to take advantage of this service.

How often do payouts occur?

Walmart pays out all earnings on a two-week pay period.

Parting Thoughts

Getting started with selling on the Walmart marketplace doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, WifiWealth offers a few different services that can help you ensure success in your Walmart Marketplace endeavor. We can coach you and help come up with a strategy to get your Walmart Marketplace storefront off to a great start.


To learn more about what we can offer you, book a meeting with us today!

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