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Here’s what you get from Wifi Wealth's
Amazon Automation Advantage Program:

We Give You Everything You Need for Success

  • Your own Amazon storefront
  • Your own private label brand 
  • A trademarked brand to prevent copycat competition
  • Proprietary product selection software to pick winning products
  • Listing optimization so more buyer eyeballs see your store and your product
  • Hands off customer service (you don’t have to deal with customers)
  • Complete inventory management including shipping and return handling
  • Reduced risk of storefront shut down because we have a thorough knowledge of Amazon’s rules and regulations 
  • No added stress from having to do this while balancing work and other parts of your life
  • Supplier, vendor, and manufacturer relationships that would be difficult, if not impossible, for you to cultivate on your own

You Owe It To Yourself to Explore This Opportunity

  • You get an additional income stream without it costing you any time
  • You spend a minimal amount on advertising, because you’re leveraging Amazon’s audience and the money Amazon spends on advertising 
  • You are working in the largest marketplace in the world 
  • You leverage our network which results in larger profit margins for you
  • We do the work for you- it’s  a done for you solution
  • You get guidance from professionals who have managed millions of dollars in Amazon revenue for thousands of people. 

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Making Financial Freedom Accessible

I was a regular guy with a rocky past. I overcame my obstacles and essentially 'cracked the code' on attaining financial freedom. Now, I want nothing more than to share my pathway to success with others so they can experience the comfort and security of financial freedom themselves.

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Top Reasons to Pick Us

3k successful store setups


22 Years combined eComm Management


1 on 1 Dedicated Partners


TRUST Recognized by Top Brands


How we Turn Amazon Into Income Stream for You

Done for You

We will set you up to sell products on Amazon, the largest online marketplace in the world, without having to do any of the work yourself.

Branding and Trademarking

We create a private label brand specifically for you and then trademark it.


We use our proprietary software to select winning products for you, and optimize your listings for maximum traffic.

Leverage our Network

We give you access to our relationships with trust worthy vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers.


We handle everything from branding, product inventory, shipping/returns, customer support inquires, correspondence, and advertising campaigns for you.


We keep current with Amazon's ever changing rules and regulations, so your store doesn't get suspended or terminated.

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Partner Success Stories

When I started on my Amazon FBA journey I was rather skeptical as I had tried other providers in the past. The 1-1 consultation call they offered was what really made me 100% comfortable investing with them and trying again. And I can tell you wholeheartedly putting my trust in WifiWealth was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m blown away on a daily basis that a company/program like this even exists. I cannot say enough nice things about the WifiWealth family!

Cindy M.

2 years ago

When we started with Wifi Wealth around 9 months ago we had no idea how life changing our decision would be. Both myself and my husband work full time and are raising 2 young kids so "getting ahead" seemed like a pipe dream. We were so wrong! Within 6 months the hands free income we were making has opened up doors we never would have had access to previously. Thank you Wifi Wealth! You guys rock!

Gia A.

2 years ago

I've generally played it safe with my money. I never really risking anything more than a few hundred dollars on Crypto Currency UNTIL Wifi Wealth came long. They presented me with the Amazon FBA program that I just knew would be life changing! Dont get me wrong I took a huge leap of faith in signing up but my bank account and lifestyle have changed drastically because I trusted my gut. WiFi Wealth, I cannot thank you enough for everything you do for me and my business on a daily basis!

Erica S.

1 year ago

Wifi Wealth took my Amazon FBA business to the next level. Their ability to pick and source products has been a major factor. I was running an FBA store on my own before and doing just ok. I found Wifi Wealth after looking for some consulting to improve my business. However, after doing a few strategy sessions with them, I let them take over and run the store for me. It’s been a great experience and I highly recommend them.

Chris S.

2 years ago

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If you want to earn through Amazon FBA, we're waiting to hear from you! Take the first step toward financial freedom by scheduling your free consultation with one of our wealth counselors today. We will send you the 'State of the Amazon Seller 2021' report and our 'How it Works' PDF as an added complimentary bonus.

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    Why cant I do it myself?

    You can do it yourself, but you will be far more likely to fail. Setting up a storefront on Amazon is fairly straightforward. However, branding, choosing winning products, optimizing your listings so they actually get seen, and remaining in compliance with Amazon's terms and conditions is very difficult without extensive knowledge and experience.

    Why is Amazon a good place to sell?

    Have you seen the 'State of the Amazon Seller' report for 2021 yet? If not, you should schedule a call with us so you can get your free copy. In a nutshell, Amazon gets 3 billion visits per month and generates over $385 billion in product sales each year. Of that, $385 billion, over half of it comes from third party sellers (which could be you). Of those third party sellers, 85% of them are profitable. With our guidance, your likelihood for success and profitability are almost guaranteed.

    How long does it take to set up?

    It takes about one month to get your private label brand going and get your Amazon storefront set up. This timeframe can be longer or shorter depending on your availability.

    How much do I need to invest?

    We have multiple packages that will accommodate most budgets.

    When will I see a return on my investment?

    Your return on investment will depend on many factors. It's best to schedule a call with one of our wealth counselors to dive a little deeper into investment and ROI.

    How do you know if my product will be successful?

    We use proprietary software we developed ourselves to choose winning products. Our software looks for many metrics which indicate the potential value of a particular product.

    What makes you guys different from other companies offering the same services?

    The vast majority of our competitors use a drop shipping model. This model is attractive to clients, because it requires no inventory. However, drop shipping is a direct violation of Amazon's terms and conditions. While you can get away with drop shipping for a period of time, eventually Amazon will catch on and either suspend or terminate the storefront. We do not drop ship. We build you a private label brand, which does require us to hold an inventory of your branded products. Private label branding also prevents other sellers from copying your listings when they notice your listings are performing well. Unbranded sellers and drop shippers have no recourse if their listings are hijacked. Lastly, profit margins are higher with the private label branding method.

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      Get Connected to Wifi Wealth

      Your Information Is Safe With Us. Wifi Wealth will never sell, rent, share or distribute your personal details with anyone. In addition, we will never spam you.

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