Here’s How Jerrika Cox Can Help Lead You To Financial Success 2023


Fewer things feel better in the world than true financial freedom. Not having to worry about where the money for bills and other expenses will come from is the ultimate for many adults. But how exactly can you achieve this elusive goal?

Taking advantage of consultation companies, like Wifi Wealth, can help you reach your goals more efficiently than doing it all on your own. Wifi Wealth offers one-on-consultations where you can learn how to take advantage of internet platforms to achieve financial success.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the CFO of Wifi Wealth Jerrika Cox, and how she can help you achieve financial freedom.

Meet Jerrika Cox

a Cox is the CFO and co-owner of Wifi Wealth. When she and her husband aren’t working with clients to show them true financial freedom, she spends her free time fostering and caring for rescue kittens. Cox also enjoys getting crafty and strives to bring value to the lives of those around her.

Jerrika, like many other children in the United State, grew up in the foster care system. However, that didn’t hold her back. Cox was able to attend Seattle University on a full-ride scholarship and graduated with a degree in Finance.

Before meeting her husband and starting Wifi Wealth together, Jerrika began working at a local law firm as an accountant. During that time, she couldn’t shake her entrepreneurial spirit. Her first business was a nutraceuticals eCommerce business that failed almost as fast as it started.

Although she and her husband, Brycen, grew up in Seattle, the couple picked up and moved to Arizona after a particularly rough winter and haven’t looked back since. Despite her initial failures in starting her own businesses, she and her husband have found immense success in building the Wifi Wealth brand.

Jerrika Cox and Brycen Cox


While some people work with the goal of retirement in mind, Jerrika Cox has a slightly different mindset. Because Wifi Wealth has helped her and her husband achieve full financial freedom, there isn’t any worry about whether or not bills can be paid or loans are up to date. Instead, this newfound freedom the Coxes have found is used to help other people with a similar mindset find the same financial success that the couple has been blessed with.

What is Wifi Wealth?

Wifi Wealth was originally created to give others the right tools for achieving financial freedom in order to attain comfort and security in their livelihood. As it becomes more and more difficult to simply “scrape by” in today’s economy, Wifi Wealth is meant to help solve this problem and help make living in this world a bit more comfortable.

The programs offered through Wifi Wealth are meant to be virtually hands-free and only require a minuscule time commitment from clients. Because Jerrika and her husband believe in the programs offered through Wifi Wealth, they can attribute a large portion of their success to investments in their own programs and services.

In fact, a large part of their belief system that inspires their business practice is that a person should never sell a product or service that you don’t truly believe in. After all, how are you truly going to be fulfilled if you don’t care about what you’re selling to the public?

Wifi Wealth Services

Along with a free strategy session, you can take advantage of, Wifi Wealth helps you begin and maintain a stream of residual income to help add a little extra to your main source of income. Over time, you may eventually be able to leave your 9 to 5 as you no longer have to worry about financial stress.

Wifi Wealth offers a financial security system of multiple income-generating solutions that are guaranteed not to be offered by anyone else. The two services most notably known within Wifi  Wealth are Amazon FBA and growth via Instagram. But how exactly can a person take advantage of these services?

Wifi Wealth and Amazon FBA

Wifi Wealth can help you establish an eCommerce platform through Amazon without the need for you to do any of the heavy lifting. It’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed by the world of eCommerce business and that overwhelm causes many businesses and individuals to fail before they even get started. 

Failing in eCommerce also comes from a variety of other causes, like not having the time, knowledge, or experience to avoid the negatives of an online business. To help avoid failure, Wifi Wealth offers clients listing optimization for attracting people to your platform to make a purchase. 

Along with that, you’re also given hands-off customer service, inventory management, branding, and trademark protection, among other things. These same services are also offered on the Walmart third-party selling platform as well.

This service really comes in handy for new and aspiring eCommerce business owners who may not have background knowledge on the ins and outs of online businesses.

Wifi Wealth and Instagram Growth

Along with offering services for eCommerce business growth, Wifi Wealth also offers help in Instagram growth. Increasing your follower count, building your credibility online, and opening up a new avenue of income are all integral parts of maintaining a social media presence online.

When you use Wifi Wealth to increase your Instagram growth, you’re given the opportunity to be guided by a mentor who knows and has experience running a successful brand online. You and your mentor will work to come up with an easy-to-follow and proven path to monetize your Instagram following.

Jerrika Cox, and the mentors at Wifi Wealth, will incorporate the same strategies used by celebrities to make connections on social media and access the prime audience for marketers. With Wifi Wealth, you’ll learn how to increase your reach, credibility, and influence. They’ll also teach you how to get access to people, places, and opportunities you may not have had access to without the help of Wifi Wealth.


What Goes on During a One-on-One Consultation?

During your free consultation, you and a mentor will take the time to discuss what your business goals are and where you hope to take them in the future. Once those goals are established, you and your mentor can work together to come up with a detailed and full-scale plan for growing your social media presence or starting your eCommerce business.

You may even benefit from coming up with a plan for both social media and eCommerce. Whatever your business or brand needs, Wifi Wealth will help get you there.

Wifi Wealth Success Stories

With 22 years of combined eCommerce management experience, it should come as no surprise that Jerrika and her husband have helped thousands of clients reach success through Wifi Wealth. In fact, one client has claimed that their Instagram following skyrocketed from just 2,000 followers to more than 80K in just one night.

In another case, a family of four had doubts that getting ahead was a feasible goal and decided to give Wifi Wealth a shot. Within six months of using Wifi Wealth, the family was able to create and maintain a hands-free income.

Wifi Wealth sets itself apart from other companies like it because their one-to-one consultations give clients peace of mind before fully committing to their services.

Wifi Wealth FAQs

Can you achieve financial freedom through Wifi Wealth?

Anyone can achieve financial freedom through Wifi Wealth, as long as they’re willing to put in the effort and do the work suggested by their mentor. Whether you choose to utilize social media to establish residual income, or you choose to open an eCommerce business through Amazon or Walmart, the tools offered by Wifi Wealth can help you get there.

How can you achieve success in an online business with Jerrika Cox’s help?

Jerrika Cox holds a degree in finance from Seattle University. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that using the services offered through Wifi Wealth can help you achieve success in your eCommerce business. The Coxes are big believers in only selling or promoting products and services that you truly believe in so that genuine spirit makes it easy to want to dive right into everything Wifi Wealth has to offer.

What if I’m not sure what I want out of a Wifi Wealth mentor?

One of the main tasks Wifi Wealth will go through with a new client is to discuss their goals and vision for their business and online presence. All new clients are eligible for a free planning consultation to decide on the best course of action going forward. After that, you should have a good idea of what you need to do to reach the goals discussed.

Why should someone utilize a service like Wifi Wealth?

Not everyone who wants to start their own business knows or has access to the right tools for truly being financially successful. With Wifi Wealth, you’re given access to those tools to help ensure that you don’t see failure before you even have a chance to begin. Along with that, anyone who wants residual income without having to dedicate excessive time and money to the cause can benefit from Wifi Wealth services.

Parting Thoughts

Wifi Wealth can help you achieve true financial freedom by giving you options for residual income. Check out the Wifi Wealth website to schedule your one-on-one consultation today. Whether you need a little extra help on the social media front, or you’re looking to create an eCommerce platform on Amazon or Walmart, book a meeting with Wifi Wealth today.

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