How to Sell Jewellery on Amazon?

Jerrika Cox

There are many items that you can sell as an Amazon seller. You are in the perfect place to learn how to sell jewellery on Amazon. Some items are not as profitable as others, but many items can generate a nice income for sellers on Amazon. Picking items that are in the most profitable categories to sell can make it much easier to get the most out of your Amazon seller account.

There are some requirements that you must be able to meet with your products if you want to get the most out of selling jewellery on Amazon. You should also take some time to look into what kinds of items sell the best on Amazon before you commit to selling jewellery through their online sales platform.

If you are ready to learn how to sell jewellery on Amazon, read on!

What Kinds of Jewellery Can You Sell on Amazon?

You can sell both fine jewellery and fashion jewellery on Amazon. Both kinds of products sell very well on Amazon, so sourcing options open to you might guide your decision to sell one or the other. Sourcing for fashion jewellery is often much easier than sourcing for fine jewellery. There are also some limitations on fine jewellery sales through the Amazon platform rules, but you will find that these items tend to sell for much higher prices.

Post Pictures of Jewellary on Online Shops

You should look into the seller requirements for each kind of jewellery before you decide which one you want to sell. Here are the basics of the rules that govern and impact jewellery sales on Amazon.

1.       Sellers Requirements

To sell jewellery, you need to upgrade to a professional selling plan. Novice sellers are not allowed to sell fine jewellery and you must have been selling for 12 months to move to a fine jewellery seller account. You will also have to have annual revenue of $50,000 through Amazon only to qualify.

2.       Brick and Mortar location

You will need one brick-and-mortar location that sells $50,000 in Amazon revenue each year.

3.       Defect Rates

You cannot sell on Amazon if your defect rate or cancellation rate is more than 2.5%. Late shipments can only be 4%.

Make Money by Selling Jewellery

Applying to Sell Jewellery on Amazon

1.       Add a product

You will add a jewellery item and hit “request for approval”. The application form will pop up.

2.       Fill out the form

Complete the form and submit it.

3.       Wait for approval

Amazon will look at your application and see if you meet the jewellery selling requirements. If you do not, your application fee will not be returned. If you are approved, you can start selling jewellery on Amazon after your approval is finalized.

4.       Quality Assurance Review

The final step for selling jewellery with Amazon requires that you send 6 fine jewellery items to them for review. They will look at the items and clear them for sale as well as approving your account.

How Much Can You Make Selling Jewellery on Amazon?

The kinds of jewellery that you sell can impact the amount that you actually take home from your Amazon sales. You will have noticed that the requirements to be approved entail selling a fair amount of product annually. This means that this is the minimum that you have to be making to qualify for a jewellery seller account in the first place.

Wholesalers often make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year selling through Amazon. Even sellers with unique pieces that are handcrafted and shipped through their own internal processes can make this amount of money with ease when selling through Amazon.

Sell Jewellery on Amazon

Amazon’s high-quality standards make them a solid go-to for quality jewellery sales and this can help reduce the number of returns that you have to deal with as well as issues with people trying to buy products that they cannot afford. You will also be spared the time-consuming process of showing pieces to customers who are only window shopping.

Start Selling Jewellery on Amazon to Make Excellent Income

There are not many online platforms that are as well-suited for jewellery sales as Amazon. You will find that their return policies and careful vetting of sellers makes this a great community to join to sell a lot of jewellery with limited difficulties and strife.

If you need help working out the details of your business plan and your personal financial goals, you should work with us to make the most of your online seller account and your personal savings. We help people meet their goals on a daily basis and create opportunities for brighter financial futures.

Contact us today to get started selling successfully on Amazon and working toward the financial goals you have always wanted to meet.

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