How to Sell Short Stories on Amazon?

Jerrika Cox

Do you want to learn how to sell short stories on Amazon? You are in the perfect place to get complete information.

You should always do what you’re passionate about. The age-old advice is true: do what you love and the money will follow. That is true no matter what it is that drives you. If you want to be an artist or a painter, you should. If you want to pursue music, you should do that too. Whatever art you want to create, you should be free to do so – and excited about doing it too.

While you can and should pursue any sort of creativity that makes you happy, you are actually able to make some money off of some more than others. For example, you might not be able to make a whole lot of money painting.

story books


You have to find an art gallery and attract a buyer. But there are some forms of art that lend themselves to modern technology and the internet. Take writing, for example. You can write, self-publish, and find buyers via the internet in no time at all.

In fact, you could make a real living by being an online author. All you need is a great idea! After you have written your short story, you can sell it via Amazon and make a profit. The more popular the story, the more money you will make.

It really is that simple. Do you have what it takes? Is your creativity humming with the thought of becoming a published and successful author?

How do you sell your short stories on Amazon? More importantly, why should you sell your short stories on Amazon? Let’s take a look at the process and why it’s such a smart move for you to make.

Why Amazon?

The truth is that it’s not easy to become a published author. Publishing houses only sign contracts with so many authors every year. Even if your story idea is fantastic and would definitely find an audience, it might be a hard sell to a publishing house. That leaves you without a venue to share your art.

The internet has changed all of that. With Amazon, you can upload your story directly to the web and it will be finding new readers in literally minutes.

Why do you want to choose Amazon over any other outlet? The biggest reason is that you will make money every single time your book or short story is downloaded. This isn’t true when you are signed with a major publishing house. Typically you sign a contract with a publisher and they pay you a one-time fee, perhaps more if your story sells millions of copies.

With Amazon, you will collect a royalty eerie time a copy of your story sells. That means that if your story becomes very popular and finds a larger, growing audience, you will see the financial gains from that in no time at all. That alone is enough to make Amazon the best choice for selling your short story.

Selling Short Stories

However, there are downsides to selling your stories on Amazon. Firstly, you have to do all the marketing yourself. Amazon isn’t going to put the time or energy into your self-published story. So if your story is going to find an audience, it’ll be because you pursue them and put in the hard work.

Secondly, short stories aren’t the most popular sellers on Amazon. Larger, longer books are far more popular than short stories. However, if you can find a subject that brings people in and create a price point that invites them to open their wallets, you will soon see that selling a short story on Amazon isn’t that hard at all and profits can be made. You just have to do the work to find and connect with your audience.

How to Publish Your Short Stories

You will have to get very familiar with Amazon’s KDP process if you want to sell your short stories on the site. What is KDP? It stands for Kindle Direct Publishing and it is your key to selling short stories on Amazon.

Self-publishing on the site is rather straight forward and easy to tackle. It’s so easy that you should never pay someone else to do it for you. However, you will see offers online of people saying that they can format and upload your short story to the KDP system on your behalf. Don’t fall for that trick. It is easy enough that you can do it alone!

Once you sign up for the KDP program, you will be able to upload your short story. As you can expect, you will follow an easy process.

You will first have to upload:

  1. Your Story’s Name
  2. A Short description of the story
  3. The author’s name
  4. Categories
  5. Search keywords

After submitting those and verifying your publishing rights, you will then convert your file into a KDP format. KDP accepts three main formats: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Ebook (HTML, MOBI, EPUB) or Adobe PDF. You will have to make sure your short story is in one of those formats and then you will be free to upload the project.

How to Sell Short Stories on Amazon

You can use the Kindle Previewer tool after this so you can get a good look at your book and how it will format on certain Kindles. If any chances are necessary, you will notice them at this point. After that step, you can upload your book to the KDP system!

Following that, you will choose a cover photo for your short story and then it will be uploaded and on the web. Any Amazon customer will be able to find your short story after this process but it’s up to you to make sure they want to. You will need to use social media and other methods to make sure people are aware of your short story and that they can find it with ease.


Selling a short story on Amazon isn’t that hard at all. The process of uploading the story is actually far easier than people assume. The hard work lies in the writing of the story and marketing it. Those two aspects may take a lot of time and energy. However, Amazon will make it easy as can be to find and download your short story.

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