How To Mass Delete Instagram Posts (Instagram Post deleter)

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Are you looking for a program to help you clean up your Instagram account and remove Instagram posts in bulk? We have the ideal solution for you. Indeed, there is no built-in option that allows users to remove Instagram DMs or posts in bulk on the platform. And the inability to delete Instagram postings in bulk is one of the platform’s major drawbacks. However, due to the Instagram post deleter we found, anyone may delete old content with a single click.

You could feel that your Instagram account needs a fresh start at some point. And your selection could be influenced by a variety of factors.

Perhaps you want to stop losing Instagram followers due to old, out-of-date posts. Delete your postings one by one during these periods is a time-consuming and unpleasant task. Of course, removing every photo or video from your account is simple and quick if your posts are limited to a small number.

But, if you’re an Instagram influencer or have a business account, how can you delete Instagram posts in bulk if you have more than 100? Let’s get started learning how to remove Instagram posts in bulk in 5 easy steps and with just one click.

What Happens When you Delete an Instagram Post?

When you delete an Instagram post or photo, it’s gone for good, as is any engagement in the form of likes, shares, comments, and reactions. Instagram, like deleted accounts, keeps the content for a limited duration (90 days) to meet its legal requirements in the event that the post or photo is used as evidence.


The erased content can only be recovered in exceptional situations during the ninety-day grace period. However, once the ninety days are up, the data is permanently lost.

Can You Restore Deleted Posts?

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to restore a post directly from Instagram unless you’ve preserved it. While you won’t be able to keep your engagement statistics, you can use the following methods to save the photo or video.

From The Phone’s Gallery

The phone gallery normally has albums for each Social Media site that contain photos taken with the social media app’s camera. You will be able to see two files in the case of Instagram. Each album contains all of the stuff you’ve made directly from Instagram, while the other album contains all of the content you’ve created with a regular camera and subsequently put on Instagram.

From The Phone’s Storage

You can check your phone’s storage if your phone doesn’t have a Gallery or if you can’t find the Instagram album there. To do so, make sure you have either the native file manager software on your phone or a file manager app downloaded from the Play Store.


If you don’t see the Instagram folder on the first screen, search for it and it will appear in the results.

Mass Instagram post Deleter

As previously stated, you can only delete Instagram posts one at a time using the official Instagram app. In other words, the app does not allow you to remove multiple Instagram posts at once. So, let’s get to the root of your problem.

You have hundreds of images to delete, and doing it one by one would be a complete waste of time and effort. It’s also a pain in the neck to delete a single photo from a series of Instagram postings! So, what are your options? Is it feasible to discover how to remove Instagram posts in bulk? Yes and yes.

Use a trustworthy, powerful Instagram post deleter for your PC, iPhone, or other devices as a solution. This mass Instagram post deleter allows you to delete a few selected posts or all of your Instagram posts in one go. Furthermore, you have the ability to erase an unlimited number of posts from your computer, online, or any other device.

Another fantastic feature of AiGrow is the ability to delete an Instagram post instantly after it has been published using the scheduler tools.

  1. Create a free AiGrow and connect your account
  2. Click on “Manage Account” in the dashboard and select “Bulk Delete Posts” tab
  3. Click on the red “Delete” button below each post for a single post deleting.
  4. To delete multiple posts, select them and when ready, click on the red “Delete Selected Posts” button
  5. To mass delete Instagram posts show on the screen, press the blue “Select All Posts” button and hit the red “Delete Selected Posts” button

How to Delete Multiple Posts on Instagram Using Your Phone

Simply follow the steps below to learn how to remove Instagram posts from your phone.

  • Launch the Instagram application.
  • On the far right of the navigation bar, click the profile button.
  • Choose the photo you wish to get rid of.
  • On the far right, select the three-dot button.

Then, on the following on-screen prompt, confirm your choice by tapping ‘Delete.’


This procedure, however, will not allow you to access deleted Instagram posts in order to retrieve them. To put it another way, this method can only answer your issue regarding how to delete a single Instagram post, not several ones. We’ll go over some mass Instagram post deleters in the next section of this article, including one that allows you to mass delete Instagram posts from your phone.

How To Delete on iOS

You’ll need to use a third-party program if you want to mass remove Instagram posts while still keeping your account. It is suggested that you utilize InstaClean on iOS. This Instagram post deleter is a simple tool that allows you to delete multiple photographs in a single step.

How To Delete on Android

Unless you trust AiGrow with the job, the options on Android aren’t as good as they are on iOS. We have, however, collaborated with Instant Cleaner for Instagram. This Instagram post deleter lets you delete up to five photographs at once. The drawback is that deleting more than five postings requires a paid upgrade. On Android, you can delete posts in the same way you can on iOS.

To remove all of your posts, tap on each image you wish to remove, then select ‘Delete.’

How To Delete on a Computer

What if you’re using your computer to browse Instagram? What Instagram post deleters are available to assist you delete Instagram posts in bulk on your PC? However, you may still erase an Instagram post from your PC.


In your browser, go to F12 or Ctrl+Shift+J to open the dev tools. Then, toggle the device toolbar by pressing the “Toggle device toolbar” button in the top-left corner (or Ctrl+Shift+M). Go to your picture (Refresh the Page) Toggle the […] button. As long as the dev tools are displayed, the delete option is now available.


As you can see, you can only delete postings one at a time using this method. If you wish to erase Instagram posts in bulk on your computer, we recommend using AiGrow’s Instagram post deleter tool.

How To Delete Instagram Messages

We’re talking about removing a large number of Instagram images. However, because deleting Instagram messages is also a prevalent issue, why don’t we focus on them for a little while?

To erase a single DM from both sides, simply tap and hold the message until a menu of options appears. You can now use the ‘Unsend message’ option to have the message erased for both you and the receiver.

You can trust DMPro if you require a trustworthy platform for sending large numbers of DMs, deleting them, or handling Instagram messages in general.

How To Delete Instagram

It may seem drastic, but you can erase your Instagram account and delete all of your posts if you want to. Log into your Instagram account on your computer, then go to the Instagram support sites to deactivate it. From here, you can:

  • Choose a reason for your account to be deleted.
  • Fill in the blanks with your password
  • Select the red “permanently delete my account” button.

You can always temporarily disable your account through your Instagram account settings if you don’t want to do something so severe.

Disconnecting From Third-Party Apps

In the Instagram app, go to “Settings” to adjust your third-party service connections.

There, click “Security,” then “Apps and Websites.” You’ll be able to uninstall any third-party programs you don’t want to utilize. Furthermore, once you delete a third-party service, they will lose all access to your profile’s future data and activity.

What About Archiving?

We sometimes want to delete a post, but we’re not sure if we should. In certain cases, Instagram offers the option to archive posts, which allows you to restore them at any time while keeping them hidden from your followers.

Simply choose the photographs you’d like to save, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, then select “Archive.”

To get back to your archived posts, go to your profile, press the upper right corner, then select “Archive.” Then choose “Posts Archive” from the dropdown menu above. Select “Show on Profile” after selecting the photos you want to make visible.


Managing your Instagram account is a very important part of having a successful online business or presence. Without a strong social media following, you don’t have much of anything.

If you are hoping to make a career out of being an online professional, you need the help of us at Wifi Wealth. Not only do we know how to manage your various social media accounts, we will teach you all you need to know to line your pockets and build a financial future you can be proud of.

Contact us today to book a meeting and discover all of the exciting options the internet has in store for you.

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