A True SaleHoo Review 2023

Jerrika Cox

Third-party dropshipping services are getting better than ever in the modern world, where sellers take orders from customers, place the order with a third-party supplier, and then the goods are shipped away. This seems like a very good way for people to start their businesses, and it also allows for money to change hands without involving a lot of stores and storefronts.

However, it can be very very hard to find third-party suppliers that are willing to take on drop shipping services. As an online seller, you are running risks working with third parties because they could take your money and run, might be hard to work with new employers, and it can be hard to find dropship suppliers with wholesale prices.

SaleHoo Dropshipping

That was what led the founders of SaleHoo to create SaleHoo, which connects online sellers to a huge 8,000-strong network of reliable third-party drop shippers, and allows a smooth and reliable way to conduct business for those who want to get into the third-party drop shipping service. 

However, is it a really good service for those who want to build an online marketplace? Can you trust all of those third-party drop shippers? And how do you get started on SaleHoo anyway? That’s what this review is going to take on and we’ll figure out why SaleHoo should be your next big investment!

What Does SaleHoo Do?

The biggest problem that every single online seller who wants to get into the dropshipping business has is finding reliable suppliers who want to do business, and can also be trusted to fulfill orders and get the order where it needs to be. Working with terrible third-party products and suppliers can make you almost feel scammy yourself as you deal with some of the biggest problems

The troubles can be low-quality products, prices that will give you almost no profit in your sales, and shipping times and sale dates that can be unreliable. This can cause a lot of issues as you are relying on the third-party seller to get the product the consumer has bought and paid for to the customer, but if they aren’t doing a good job, then that makes you look bad.

SaleHoo eliminates that problem by giving you a complete network of sellers that you can trust. These sellers have been vetted by our community and offer both high-quality products as well as reputable suppliers who will work with you and remove all the stress that the lower-quality websites seem to peddle.

SaleHoo Connects You To Products

Of course, Salehoo is primarily a connector to suppliers and the products that they sell. Once you start your Salehoo account, you will be able to access the massive network and start buying and fulfilling orders, instead of wasting time looking for the right supplier. The 8,000+ database of vetted sellers can be searched with various criteria, including if they ship their items domestically or internationally. 

You can also negotiate the lowest price for your products and work with suppliers that have either low or no minimum orders, so you can easily build your business without any o stress. Additionally, almost 70% of the suppliers in SaleHoo’s network also waive their application fees. 

Inspecting your suppliers through statistics such as their product range, their shipping options, and even reviews from other users on SaleHoo can also help you pick out the best products for your needs. 

SaleHoo Comes With A Market Research Tool

For every single online business, you want to figure out what customers want before they know that they want it. If you want to find the next big trends in business or want to source the newest fast-selling products before they become mainstream, then you can use SaleHoo’s market research tool. The tool gives you insider information that you can’t just google or get from other websites on over 1.6 million high-quality products.

Then you can pick the best and highest branded products in your niche, inspect the amount of competition around them and how well they sell, and also compare trends of selling every single month to find the hottest products. No matter your niche, you can go deep into the statistics for these products and get on the edge of the business, which can be very helpful if you want to grow and grow fast.

SaleHoo Market Research Lab

Get Some Help From SaleHoo

Even with everything that SaleHoo gives you, the website recognizes that it can be very hard for you to manage everything on your own. You might have trouble looking through the product directory, you might run into an issue with the supplier, or you might just need some help getting started with building your business. That’s where the support network comes in.

The team at SaleHoo knows that the best entrepreneurs in the business have some serious help, and if you are a member of the website (which costs about 6 dollars a month), you can get 1 on 1 support over the phone, email, live chat, and even on Facebook. No matter what way you like getting support to solve your problems, the Salehoo team makes it happen.

They also have a library of 50 free guides and videos that walk you through all the questions you could have and show you how to do things with examples. If that doesn’t solve the issue, you can also go to the forum to work with people who are learning the ins and outs of their dropshipping business just like you are. If that weren’t enough, if you want to work with a product that you can’t find in the directory, then the supplier finder service can help you out. The staff can search a folder of the upcoming suppliers and will get you access to the supplier you need once it becomes available.

SaleHoo Gives You Access To Both WholeSale and Dropshipping 

If dropshipping and working without the pressure of having an actual inventory isn’t good enough for you, then you will be happy to know that SaleHoo also offers wholesale shipping as well, where the information is just as trustworthy and also just as competitive. You can use the wide range of wholesale suppliers to filter out which ones have the products you like, and also which ones will ship the product to you.

However, everything is all in one place, and instead of having to have dozens of tabs open, you can see all the information right in SaleHoo.

saleHoo Supplier Directory


SaleHoo Is Simple And It Works

SaleHoo does what it is intended to do and does it well. You get access to everything for either $67 a year or $127 for lifetime access, and that’s very cheap compared to similar competitors. If you want to get started on building a dropshipping company and gaining that financial freedom for yourself, then you need to take advantage of everything that SaleHoo is offering you.

Don’t be afraid to make your account, open up your dashboard, and get started on looking for your suppliers, because it won’t take a lot to get started using SaleHoo!

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Is SaleHoo Compatible With Shopify?

Yes! If you have a Shopify storefront that you want to post your products to, you can add those products to your store with one click. Then when a customer chooses to buy your product, then you have the knowledge that the selling process will be easy and your customer will be getting top products quickly. 
All you need to do is click ‘connect store’ on your SaleHoo dashboard, pick your products, and they are imported!

Who Is The Best Dropshipper?

The best dropshipper is always going to be a matter of opinion, but if you are looking for the best and the easiest way to start dropshipping your products, then SaleHoo is where you need to be.

How Do I Dropship from SaleHoo?

If you are using SaleHoo Dropship, then you can add the trending products from websites like SaleHoo and AllExpress to your Shopify store. This allows both you and your customers to get connected to your offerings. Once you look through the available suppliers, you just need to pick the dropshipping products that you like, and then edit them to your satisfaction.
Then click on them, hit ‘upload to Shopify’ and then the product will be available on the online store. Then the customer will make the order, their details will be passed on to the supplier, and you pocket your share of the profit. SaleHoo makes drop shipping easy, as it should be.

How Do I Use SaleHoo?

Everything goes through your SaleHoo dashboard, which connects you to sellers, products, and all the data you could ever need. Once you find the seller for your business, you can connect with them, pick out an order, and consider their shipping options. Once you find the supplier that you want, you can connect and start the dropshipping process.

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