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Art is made to be shared. The fundamental truth about making art is that you want other people to view your art if you’re a creator. That is one of the most basic pillars of creation, and it holds true for almost everyone who indulges in their passion. And if you’re truly committed to becoming an artist, you’ll want to sell your work. There’s nothing like spending days or months producing something that comes straight from your heart and then selling it to someone who appreciates it and wants to display it in their house. It’s an experience like no other.

Although there are many traditional ways to market your art, such as finding an art gallery, the internet has opened up entirely new possibilities to get your creations out into the world and into the hands of people who want them. There are now various websites and apps that will exhibit your art and help you build a fanbase thanks to the internet.

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However, if you want to sell your creative work, why not use the world’s largest-selling website? Amazon, as you may know, has just about anything you could want. Furniture, electronics, toys, food, and much more may be found on the website. But did you know that you can Sell Art on Amazon? True, an increasing number of art purchasers are coming to the extremely famous website in search of the latest work to place on their walls.

It’s not as difficult as you would imagine selling your paintings on Amazon. Furthermore, as compared to other sites, the charges you will pay are affordable and highly friendly. Amazon is a fantastic venue to sell art and an excellent way to build a solid and loyal fanbase for a variety of reasons. But how does one go about doing it? How does one begin selling artistic creations on the site?

Why should you sell on Amazon?

Sell Art on Amazon


Did you know that Amazon is used by over 197 million people around the world every month to purchase products? It is the most popular shopping app in the United States and one of the world’s largest websites.

As a result, it’s understandable that everyone wants to sell anything on Amazon. You’d be foolish not to use the site with so many prospective consumers. Amazon has become even more enticing since the launch of Amazon Prime. Customers can get their items in two days with Prime, and they can also listen to music and watch original television shows. Amazon has quickly risen to prominence as one of the world’s most important and influential websites and enterprises.

Because of the large number of individuals who visit Amazon, any artist would be wise to sell their work there. There is no other way to contact such a large number of people.

How Do You Sell Art on Amazon?

To begin selling your work, all you need to do is register as a vendor on your own.

By registering as a seller on Amazon, one can offer original paintings, sketches, watercolors, 2D mixed media, and secondary sale works. Individual pieces will require artist proofs, color test proofs, or confirmation of purchase from the vendor for secondary sales.

Assume you’re a painter hoping to offer your work on Amazon. You’ll need to select if you want to offer limited-edition handmade paintings, scalable digital paintings, or both in that instance. The choice of whether to sell original works or copies of original works will influence how they are created, priced, and marketed.

These choices are typically made based on whether or not an artist wishes to sell their work. It could also depend on whether they wish to take on the additional marketing/distribution responsibilities on their own. This exercise will not be tough for those who enjoy being involved from beginning to conclusion. It also helps if the artist has a large social media following.

It makes more sense for an art curator wishing to sell paintings on Amazon to obtain the blueprint of an artist’s work and then print digital copies for large-scale sales. A curator of art, on the other hand, can sell limited-edition works. You’ll need to look for talented people whose work you can market.

Once again, the power of social media can be fully utilized. Reach out to aspiring artists online or in person, whose work you like and think will sell. Get their original works or blueprints on explicit terms that benefit both sides.

Another myth is that creating digital artwork necessitates a high level of technical expertise. This is simple enough for any art enthusiast or curator who wants to sell paintings on Amazon. Remember that while this may appear intimidating at first, it is merely a talent. It may be learned with practice and improved over time.

Amazon Handmade

Sell Art on Amazon

Amazon has made it easier than ever to sell art. The site has seen the growing demand for hand-made, customized, authentic items on competitive sites such as Etsy. Therefore, they have created their very own version of that sort of approach to selling art and you can employ it directly through Amazon’s site and your account page.

Amazon Handmade is the place to go if you’re seeking real, handcrafted items from vendors all over the world. Many people don’t even know about Handmade through Amazon and aren’t aware that artists can directly sell their hand-crafted products from their studios straight to the front doorsteps of people all over the world.

When you shop at Amazon Handmade, what can you expect to find? Quite a few things. The following are some of the most popular items on the site:

  • Art
  • Jewelry
  • Soaps
  • Custom Pillowcases
  • Pottery
  • Handbags, messenger bags, and purses
  • Cutting Boards and handmade kitchen accessories

The only requirement for your art to be included in Handmade is that it was created by your hands. That makes sense, right? You will not be able to sell mass-produced items on the site; everything must be handmade or hand-altered. As a result, it’s an ideal location for someone to sell their artwork. Amazon Handmade is truly a place where one-of-a-kind inventions from all around the world may be found.

What is the procedure for selling on Amazon Handmade? The steps are simple to follow and may be done quickly.

  1. Fill out an application and answer a series of questions related to your business and your qualifications to be selling on Amazon Handmade
  2. You must decide how you want to fulfill your Amazon orders. Through Amazon, you can either select Fulfillment by Amazon, where Amazon ships your products from a warehouse, and Fulfillment by Merchant, where you ship your products from your home or personal warehouse
  3. After that, all that needs to happen is you advertise your products, make new fans and customers, and let them receive your creations

Amazon Fine Art

Art has its department on Amazon. It’s called Amazon Fine Art, and it’s a dedicated Amazon page that only sells high-end artwork. To sell on Amazon Fine Art, you need to be approved. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be charged $.99 per product sold as well as a referral fee ranging from 5% to 20%. Your referral fee will be 15% if you sell through Amazon Handmade, albeit there are fees to get started and create an account.

What About Etsy?

Sell Art on Amazon


Some may wonder why an artist would choose to sell their work on Amazon rather than Etsy, a site that was founded primarily to sell handcrafted items from merchants all over the world.

The reality is, whether you’re selling paintings, jewelry, or pottery, Etsy is a terrific place to market and sell your handmade goods. Etsy, on the other hand, does not have the same reach as Amazon. While Etsy serves millions of customers each month, Amazon has a much larger client base and can reach out to a much wider audience. However, selling your things on both Amazon and Etsy at the same time is generally a good idea. If you want to make a living as an artist, you should sell your work in as many places as possible. That implies an Etsy and Amazon page for your art should work together to increase your visibility and sales.


One of the most fulfilling careers you can have is that of an artist. However, selling your artwork isn’t always simple. Thankfully, Amazon has provided a few options for you to reach a large number of people and earn a job doing what you enjoy.

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