Should You Be On Instagram Reddit?

Jerrika Cox

If you know all about Instagram, you might wonder if you should branch out to other social media platforms. The Instagram Reddit pages seem to be a good place to start because Reddit is very easy to understand and pretty similar to Instagram. There’s a Reddit community for everything under the sun, including a Reddit community dedicated to Instagram.

But should you be on it? After all, just because you are an expert on Instagram and pretty popular there doesn’t mean that your success will automatically go into the world of Reddit. 

So this article is going to share some of the things you need to know about Reddit, Instagram, and everything in between so you can make your decision for yourself!

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a place where people can post posts on topics and in communities that they care about. Then people can either upvote or downvote the posts, and depending on the ratio the posts will be seen and will be on the relevant pages for longer. For example, if you are posting about a music video you have recently seen on the artist’s subreddit, and your post gets a lot of upvotes, it will allow it to stay on the homepage and it will be seen and interacted with by the members of the community. 

Downvotes work the same way, where if a post is downvoted enough it will be removed and forgotten about. Finally, Reddit allows people to leave comments and have discussions about posts and about the community they are in, very similar to people posting and reacting on Instagram. Each community has its own moderators and rules on what posts and behavior are allowed and are not allowed, so be sure to read those before you post.



What Is Instagram’s Reddit Community Like?

Instagram’s Reddit community can be a lot whenever you first look at it, especially for a first-time user. So let’s break it down and see what we can learn. First, Instagram’s Reddit community has several rules.

For starters, some of the posts that are not allowed are self-promotion posts. So you can’t use Instagram to just farm followers from other corners of the internet. You also shouldn’t post links where you or others can buy or sell followers, it’s not allowed on Instagram and it isn’t allowed in the Reddit community too. You also need to follow both Instagram and Reddit’s terms of service online, which should be very easy to do.

Reddit Instagram


Additionally, there are two pinned posts that will auto-renew every week and will be on every single time that you log onto Reddit. The first is a ‘Weekly Tech Support Megathread’ where you can post all support-related issues. If you are having problems with your feed, messages, or any other aspects of your Instagram account, and you can’t talk to Instagram about it, then you can post your problem here. This allows you to see if other Instagram users are experiencing the same problem and you can all solve it together.

Or maybe someone has already encountered the problem and they will let you know what they did to fix it. Reddit can be a great way to ensure that you are getting the largest number of people in front of the problem, maximizing your chances of getting a solution.

Friday Follow Chain Raddit


The second pinned post is a “Follow Friday Follow Chain” where you can actually self-promote and it is the only place that you can self-promote on Instagram’s Reddit. You can leave your Instagram username below as well as a description of what your Instagram account is about, and if people see your name they might click on it and follow it.


It isn’t an F4F (follow for follow) so no one who clicks on your link or responds to your Instagram comment on the Reddit has any obligation to follow you back, but it can be a way to get some followers even if you have no real control over the marketing. Additionally, some people do write that they follow back and they do get some extra clout.

Still, you might get some interest out of it, and it’s a good weekly activity to do. Plus, if you are looking for very interesting accounts to follow, then you can peruse the comments and see if you can make some new friends on Instagram!

What Can You Post On The Instagram Reddit?

So now that you are aware of the rules of Instagram Reddit, what you can post there? Well, Reddit is more for conversations, so if you find that you have an observation about Instagram that you want to share, have a complaint, or what to share a funny or frustrating story about one of your Instagram experiences, you can do it there.

Additionally, if you find that you have questions about Instagram, such as how to maximize your reach or how to use a new feature, then you can ask them there and get some help. Basically, if you want to start a conversation or have a question answered, then you can make a post and see what happens.

Can You Use Your Instagram To Boost Your Reddit, Or Vice Versa?

Sadly, you can’t do a lot of crossover with Reddit. Most Reddit communities are pretty harsh on self-promotion outside of specific threads or very specific days, so if you try to get some followers for your Instagram on your Reddit, you would need to build your own Reddit community which can be it’s own full-time job.

However, you can use your own Reddit community to boost your Instagram and connect the two. After all, Instagram is good for photos and video images, while Reddit is good for text-based media and sparking conversations. Maybe you can take the theme of your Instagram and direct people to your Reddit for more information.

Reddit Instagram


For example, if your Instagram is devoted to cooking and you primarily post pictures and videos of you cooking and your finished dishes, maybe you can leave a link to your Reddit where you have conversations with your followers and go through the recipe in greater detail. Especially since, if you have your own Reddit community, you can make the rules and you can self-promote as much as you want!

It will be a lot of extra work to run two social media accounts and have a crossover between the two, but if you are willing to put in the effort you certainly can. Otherwise, feel free to simply use the Instagram Reddit for questions and conversations.

So, Should You Be On Instagram Reddit?

If you find that you need help with Instagram, want to complain about a new feature not working as intended, or want to ask a question about how to make your Instagram pop so you can take the most advantage of it, then you might want to at least browse the Instagram Reddit. 

However, if you find that you want to use Reddit as a way to boost your Instagram or vice versa, you might find that that’s a little harder than you might think. It is able to work, but you might be putting in more effort than normal.

If you want to work on your marketing and want to make sure that your Instagram, Reddit, and all your other social media accounts are not only going to be popular but will also be making you some serious money as well, then you need to check out They will help you make money online, and will make it easy too!


Can I Search Reddit For Help?

Yes! If you’ve got a question about Reddit and want to see if your question has already been asked and answered by another Redditor or another post, then you can go up to the top of the Instagram Reddit community and type in your question or a keyword based on the question. You will be able to see the answers that people have done, or you can expand your answers to all of Reddit as well.

How Do I Create My Own Reddit Community?

If you decide that you want to create a Reddit community of your very own, it is very easy to do so. You just need to go into settings once you have created your account. However, you do need to make sure that your account is at least 30 days old, and has a certain amount of positive karma which you earn by getting upvotes on your links and comments.

Then you just need to log into your account and click the ‘create community’ button. Then you need to create a memorable name that isn’t more than 20 characters and also doesn’t match one of the almost 100,000 communities on reddit! After that, you can create the subreddit by filling out a few forms and then starting to create content! 

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