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About the Company

Wifi Wealth’s founder’s believe nothing feels better than the comfort and security that comes from financial freedom. It’s their purpose in life to help as many people as possible experience it for themselves. The core purpose of Wifi Wealth is helping others achieve financial freedom, and thus attaining comfort and security in life. 

With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience between them, Brycen and Jerrika set out to solve the number one problem people face today: how to get ahead financially. In a time where it’s becoming harder and harder just to get by, Brycen and Jerrika figured this is where their purpose is best served. 

With their purpose and goals clearly defined, Brycen and Jerrika developed several pathways to earn online. They took things a step further by making sure each program they offered would be virtually hands free, with little time commitment from their clients. True financial freedom provides not only financial stability, but also freedom to spend your time as you please. Wifi Wealth is the way to get there. 



Self proclaimed problem solvers at your service!

Brycen and Jerrika are actively invested in each program they offer personally. In fact, their own financial success is due, in large part, to their investments in their own programs. They firmly believe you should not be selling a product or service you wouldn’t use yourself.

Brycen and Jerrika were both born and raised in Seattle, Washington. They moved to Arizona after a particularly cold and wet winter, and they couldn’t be happier with their choice. Brycen is an avid mountain bike rider. In addition to helping people through his business ventures, he also mentors addicts recovering from drug addiction. Jerrika is a proud finance graduate of Seattle University where she received a full ride scholarship. She loves dabbling in all things crafty. She also volunteers at a local kitty rescue and provides foster care for cats and kittens. More than anything else, Brycen and Jerrika just want to provide value to those around them. 

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