We’re Wifi Wealth—the Alternative Path To Building Wealth On The Internet.


Wifi Wealth is your ultimate destination if you’re looking to start, grow, or scale an online business. We empower entrepreneurs to work from anywhere and live on their own terms. We provide community, industry insights, education, and so much more.

If you’re feeling stuck and realize that everything you consume online is starting to look and sound the same, you’re not wrong because it is. Wifi Wealth is here to give you the raw & unpolished version of what it really looks like to become financially free using nothing more than a laptop, a wifi connection, and one of our master plans.

Let's Rewind To 2009.

I’m Brandon Belcher – Founder & CEO

It all started in April 2009 when I was released from jail for drug charges. I ended up serving a year, and that was enough to set me straight and show me that’s not the life I wanted to live. While locked up, I used to lay there and think up ideas about how I would make money once I became a free man, and figuring out something legit on the internet was #1 on my list. 

My two ideas were Clickbank Affiliate Marketing and selling on eBay. Why? Because I had dabbled in both of them even while selling weed. On Clickbank, I remember selling someone’s program and made a $25 commission from that sale, and I was blown away. On eBay, I sold prepaid phones (illegally), but it still showed me that there was a lot of money to be made on the platform. 

So once I became a free man, I chose Clickbank, and the rest was history. I went on to master something called CPA Marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and so many other forms of marketing. 

Because of my wealth of knowledge over the years, the requests to share that information started pouring in, and that’s when I started teaching everything I knew about online marketing. 

So, instead of making money behind the scenes like I was used to, I was now someone teaching others how to build digital generational wealth for them and their families, and that’s been my primary focus ever since. 

So when you do business with and learn from us at Wifi Wealth, you get 15+ years of deep knowledge and understanding of business, strategic marketing, and entrepreneurship.